020 – The Love Languages


This is a must have book for you.  I mean, anyone and everyone needs to read this book.  I can tell you it was a key reason for frustration in my first marriage, and this continues to be a major player in how I show love and appreciation to everyone that matters in my life.

I use it for kids, my employees, my wife, my ideal clients, and my family in general.

It has actually saved me a lot of time and frustration as well!

See, I’m HUGE on acts of service and I love doing things for people I love.  Well, out of all my family, my friends, and my employees, only 2 people are the same.  So instead of banging my head against the wall on why people were not responding to my efforts, I got smart and catered to their needs.

Save time, save frustration = love more!

Helpful links:

Take the love language quiz for free!

Get the book!  Also, there are a bunch of varieties from the original that you can check out (for guys, for girls, kids, etc.)

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