022 – I’m Baaaack!

Episode Notes:

I must apologize.  I was getting distracted from my practice and delegated my podcasts irresponsibly!  Meaning, I delegated/outsourced to the internet and didn’t have a system to keep them accountable or even a backup.  I lost two weeks of podcasts.

whaaaa whaaa whaaaa  – no point in complaining or wasting your time.

My point is this.  As you become more empowered in business, in your personal life, you start to really stick to what’s important and what makes you the most productive.  The rest can be hired out, delegated, or just eliminated.  BUT, if you do so finally trust someone else to do it, then you need a backup plan and a way to keep them accountable.

Listen in to what I learned and hopefully you’ll see what I’m going to do to make sure this never happens again!

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