023 – Romance and The Notebook

So Nicholas Sparks is like the author god of romance literature and has had several of his books adapted for movies.  While some are predictable, they are just gold when it comes to laying on a thick layer or goodness for romance.

Guys, be prepared to watch at least “The Notebook” once a year.  Ladies, don’t abuse this.

Now the real point I have for this podcast is the following:

Point #1:  Kids are Not Romantic

  • Duke does not read about the kids.  Sorry, but snot, diapers, screaming, and crying does NOT increase libido or love.
  • It’s really easy to get distracted by the daily grind.  You NEED time to be married adults/lovers, not just Mom and Dad.

Point #2:  Remember what made you Crazy idiots in love.

  • In the daily grind there are lots of distractions.  And guys fart and say stupid things and embrace the “Dad Bod”.  Ladies may not shave their legs or even remember what sexy lingerie is when they are up to their arms in clingy sick kids.  Take a moment while you watch this movie on what made you two crazy enough to want to even live together.
  • It’s little things.  Little things add up to big things.  Guys, resist the temptation to try and buy your way out or go all out for one day and give up.  In fact, be ready for you to be a one-person show in reinstilling romance for a month at least.

Action Step

  • Get some time alone with your loved one.   Call each other by the first name just to remember how that felt.  Reminisce about old times.

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