056 – Meditation and Jesus

Background Story

Had a client in one of my coaching groups I assist with post about his hangup with meditating.  He expressed concern that meditation was too heavily influenced by Eastern Religions for him to fully enjoy meditation without any religious guilt.  As a Christian, he was holding back.

First of all, he has been with us for over 60 days.  That should have been shared LONG AGO.  He wasted two months of potential because he didn’t ask.  YOU might be needing to ask for help or clarification.  Do it!

First of all:  Check out “Christian Contemplation” by Thomas Keating.

In this book, he talks about the how the church has used meditation all along.  Monks and Friars did it long ago.  While yes they copied the Bible over and over, but much of their time was spent in silence and it was this silence where they were tapping into their Creator.

Think about how society has changed.  The normal day for the normal human has drastically changed.  A man, before the industrial revolution, likely worked in silence all day in the fields with some interaction between his family or only with his son that worked behind him.  But with less distractions and less technology, man was able to tap into his Creator.

Meditation is the perfect stress relief.  It also increases your ability to deal with stress the more you use it.

All over ‘stress relief” exercises have recovery periods or a price to pay.  Shopping, exercise (obsessive), overeating, porn, shopping, drugs, alcohol, social media…

Meditation is your key to reduce stress without paying any price but time.

What do I do?

  • I started with Box Breathing.  Here’s a sample link.
  • I now have the Muse that gives me biofeedback as I meditate.  My wife spoiled me for Christmas.
  • I also love Float Tanks.  Sensory deprivation tank that allows me to fully disconnect.


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