058 – Airplane Masts and You

If you have ever been in a plane, you know about the pre-flight talk.  It’s where the flight attendant, provides the mandated safety instructions.  Most passengers just zone out during this time and ignore them (which as a business, if you have a part of your customer experience like this, you need to cut it out unless it’s the law).

But there is a great lesson that happens during this time.  It’s the part where the attendant mentions that if there is a loss of cabin pressure, then masks will drop from above and if you’re an parent, you are supposed to fix your mask and THEN help your child.   You are to get your mask on first, then help your kid.

Why is this important?

You can’t fill another’s cup (aka spouse, team, kids, etc), if your cup is not first filled.  You need to fill your cup, guilt free and on a daily basis.  I’m not talking about sedating with social media, your phone, alcohol, etc.  I’m talking about PURPOSEFUL cup filling.

Doing something daily for your body, your spiritual being, your family, and your business.

I learned this from Wake up Warrior.  Guys, check out www.warriorbook.com.  Or if you want to coach with me, PM me.

Ladies, check out Women Wanting More.

That’s your action steps.  Ask me for help or at least go check out these resources to actually get yourself started.

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