063 – What is TOO Much

The Why

I am doing some housekeeping and thought I would bring your more into the vision.

Why on Earth would I be doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY?!?


Well, it can be, but this is meant to serve as a 10 minute investment.

10 minutes of uplifting and empowerment vs. 18 hours of the unknown.

18 hours of the news, advertisements, stress from work and family, and even gossip.

And I will be battling that for 10 minutes each day.

So, is it really too much?  10 minutes to start your day the right way?

So, ironically here’s the math.   18 hours of awake time = 1080 minutes.

  • 1% of 1080 = 10.8 minutes
  • I am asking for ONE PERCENT of your day to make you improve life by ONE PERCENT.


  • White Belt:  Commit to a time of your day when you can invest 1% of your day to yourself here.
  • Brown Belt:  Schedule that 1% time on your scheduler.
  • Black Belt:  Schedule 15 minutes instead of 10 to leave ample time for BLACK BELT challenges.

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