068 – Improve your SELF

Why You Should Listen:

It all starts with YOU!  Meaning, if you want to make your life better and you think that the top priority is finances, or your marriage, or your kids… think again!  You need to first work on your and THEN you will see improvement with the rest of your life.

A great marriage needs great ingredients.

Powerful finances require a powerful you – either as an employee/teammate or powerful entrepreneur.

So, let’s talk about body!

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  Write down in your Journal THE ONE THING you already know you need to do in order to improve my body by 1% in terms of fitness, fuel, or recovery
  • Blue Belt:  Write out for the week (and weekend) a meal plan, exercise plan, or recovery plan.
  • Black Belt:  Actually call and schedule AND/OR schedule in your planner when these activities are happening.

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