Why You Should Listen:

We use our workouts and our food to give us just raw power and energy, but we also have stress hitting us from all areas and angles.  We can use our spirituality to wash off this stress.  Spirituality is not religion.  That is not the topic today to avoid any conflicts and to keep from distracting from this message.  Instead look at spirituality to define your place in this world and your purpose.  Answer the biggest question of “why”?

As we practice our spirituality in the many forms of meditation, prayers, contemplation, and deep thought – this releases us from stress and worry.  So listen in for your challenges and to find out why this is 2nd in importance to your body but more important than even your relationships.

If we aren’t using this to reduce stress then we fall back into destructive type stress reducers – porn, food, alcohol, drugs, TV, shopping, etc.  So instead, give meditation or prayer a chance.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  Bathroom break with deep breathing for one song or just to give yourself some space.
  • Blue Belt:  Five minutes of either Box Breathing or just focusing on breath.
  • Black Belt:  Christian contemplation or a guided meditation.  Use an app or you can find one on youtube even.

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