071 – Addicted to EASY

Why You Should Listen:

We all fucking do it!   We as a society WANT easy!  We want the Life Hack, the cheap, the time saving, effort saving easy!!!!

And it’s killing us.

  • Fast food – easy and killing our health
  • PORN:  easy and killing our marriages, sex drives, and social life
  • TV/MOVIES: killing our social life and even relationships with our kids.
  • PHONE:  see above
  • Tablets/internet: see above
  • Credit cards: spending NOW instead of saving up for things.  EASY and killing us (from stress)
  • PILLS, MEDICATIONS, SURGERY:  really freakin easy versus actually us caring about our health.

So YES, we’re freaking addicted to EASY and it’s destroying us.

What if you instead embraced the suck and knew that what you ACTUALLY wanted was on the other side of the hard work.

  • Health – from real food and real exercise and taking LESS medications
  • Wealth – actually using a budget and following it to save for retirement.
  • Marriage – not using porn or TV or alcohol or anything else from you having to deal with your spouse and what you messed up.
  • Kids – what if you stopped staying at work to avoid the awkwardness you created with your kids.

I hope this triggers you.  I hope it pisses you off, because you NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS AT STAKE!

Own it!

Own your pain of your current situation and then freaking get ready to work.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  Where are you addicted to easy in your life.  Write them all out.
  • Blue Belt:  After you have your list.  Which one would have the most dramatic improvement to you life if you stopped trying to make it EASY and just do the work you know you need to.
  • Black Belt:  do the above.  Now list one thing you’re committed to doing in the next 48 hours.

One Response to “071 – Addicted to EASY

  • I needed to hear this! My husband and I have been in the process of trying to make positive changes for our family and our marriage and this was a great dose of “get that stuff started” that I needed to hear! Thanks!