073 – Ask for Help Dammit!

Why Are We Talking About This:

Too often we allow our pride to rule our lives.  We suffer in silence and worry that we’ll be exposed for the fake and posers we are.  What happens is that nothing happens and we sink into mediocrity.  We don’t get the help we need and we let our flame, our light extinguish.

Think of having the right person help you is like having the right tool to build something.  Let’s say you need to use a nail to join together some wood.  Is it not easier to use a hammer versus a brick?  They both work, but one works way faster and better.  Having the right tool for any project will save frustration and time.

Therapists, doctors, coaches, advisers, or even more team members will make whatever life you’re building go that much faster and give you better results.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  What is one area of your life where it’s YOU that’s holding you back.  Write this out and then write out what would be possible if you had someone to help you.
  • Blue Belt:  Take one area and find someone to help you.  Whether that’s hiring someone or asking a friend or group of friends to keep you accountable or help.  Get out of your head that this will be expensive and or embarrassing.  Start small.
  • Black Belt:  Put yourself into “Coach Mode”.  You have a potential client with the same goals or challenges that you face.  What is your recommended plan of action?  Write it out.  PM me on facebook if you want feedback.

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