074 – Simple Habits

Main Points

  • This is SIMPLE but not easy.
  • How you start your day will dictate how you will finish.
  • Start with power, end with power.  Sleep in and start behind, you will end behind.
  • Make your bed and start with gratitude and the rest of the dominos of your life will also fall but starts with a single push.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  Commit to making your bed and starting with gratitude for one week.
  • Blue Belt:  Write out your ideal morning and what would you need to have done before you walk out the door to feel like you already won for the day?
  • Black Belt:  Write Out a Morning Success Ritual that you could do each day to give you power.  Just a short list (don’t over commit) and then for one week do it.  And journal to yourself about how you feel when you did it vs. if you missed it (ideally you didn’t).

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