076 – What do you want?


While I was first working with my coaches and mentors a year and a half ago, I could not answer, “What is it that I’m working towards” or “what do I want out of life?”  Instead I could only truthfully answer that I knew my life wasn’t working out so hot.  I want to run away from that as fast as I could and so I would hustle and push hard and fast.  And wasted a shit ton of energy!

Main Points

  • It’s way easier to know what you don’t want.  But that doesn’t give you a target to push towards.
  • Take the time to visualize your future in body, mind, spirit, relationships, and career/finances.  Begin with the end in mind (as Stephen Covey would say).
  • Not having a target will waste time and energy.
  • This is the single hardest thing besides consistency that you’ll have to do on this journey with me.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  In what category of your life do you realize that it’s a now or never scenario?  What are you “all in committed” to doing about it?
  • Blue Belt:  In body, spirit, relationship, and finances – what is your ultimate vision that you can actually visualize?  How far out did you envision this?  (1 year, 30 days, 10 years?)
  • Black Belt:  What is the legacy that you built and passed on to your future generations.  Meaning, what did you embody and teach your kids/grandkids in these categories?  How did you role model?

“I had to image the legacy I built in 75 years.  I probably won’t be alive then, but I took time to ask myself, “what do people remember about me”?”      —  Nick Fanning

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