081 – Graduation

May is a time for Mother’s Day and Graduation

Congratulations to all the moms and graduates out there.

Main Points

  • Time is relative of course and there is a theory that time seems to speed up as we age because we have less “firsts” and things to celebrate.
  • In the short time that I have been alive, I am now twice the age of when I graduated but as my accomplishments are far greater than when I was a kid, I have totally celebrated less and have not honored the time, effort, and expansion I have experienced.
  • The Shrine:  Go to any graduation party and you will see the shrine dedicated to all the victories of the graduate over the course of their young life.
  • So now, you probably don’t have your parents doing this still.  But what then are you doing to help celebrate your wins?
  • I don’t believe in small or big wins – they are simply wins and these are what makes life fun and full of life.  Seeing the beauty in the little things.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  Write down three wins from the last week.
  • Blue Belt:  Start a journal, use an app, or use this journal you have been using and start writing down three wins each night.  Wake up and read them before breakfast.  After a few days, decide if this is a habit worth keeping.
  • Black Belt:  Do the above.  Also, set a goal for the day or week.  When you meet it, celebrate.  Do a dance, buy a shirt, get your nails done, but celebrate.

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