083 – Know What You Actually Sell

Business Lesson Today

But really it applies across the board.  As a spouse, parent, coworker, or business owner.

Because we’re constantly selling, selling ourselves and our wants.  I have to sell my kids on using manners, on going to bed.  I have to sell my wife on sex or what to eat or what to do.  I have to sell my team on a vision or idea.

The list goes on and on.  But what you really need to identify is looking at what you’re actually selling.

Main Points

  • You could claim to sell jewelry but if you can identify what that jewelry actually represents, think about how much more effective you can be as a salesperson.
  • For example, insurance.  You’re actually selling peace of mind.  Or for them not to even worry about losing everything.
  • A teacher sells freedom.  Freedom to express one’s self or even freedom from control and the freedom to learn anything they want once they learn how to learn.
  • I sell my kids unconditional love and safety.  I am not there to entertain them.  I am not there to be their friend, but their mentor and parent.

When you re-frame, you gain clarity for you and for your “client” and your impact will deepen and expand.

Action Steps

  • White Belt: What roles do you have in your life?  Write them out and clarify your role with each.  Parent, spouse, teammate, boss, healer?
  • Black Belt:  Piece of paper, draw a line down the middle.  On the left, list what your role is and what you initially think you sell.  On the right, re-frame what you’re selling.  Level up and really dig deep and piece this out.
    • Ex:  Coach.  I sell results.   Turns to:  I am not giving anyone results.  I sell time and money by saving people time by giving them systems and feedback to fast forward their progress.

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