085 – Enjoy Your Hard Work


We’re looking to buy a house and that requires a lot of paperwork. I used to handle my own day to day bookkeeping and now I have a new CPA and a new bookkeeper handling that aspect. I chose the right people, and they are good at it. But I still got anxious and worried about not being able to access my stuff and print off a report at a moment’s notice. I have to instead check with my team.

Worry, and wondering if I need to take my books back.

Not that I don’t have access or control, but I have to go thru my team to make sure I have what I need.

Fear but not rooted in truth.

Main Points

  • I have to learn to trust the process that I set up to give me the freedom I was actually wanting.
  • I had to actually give myself permission to enjoy what I created.
  • Just like with your body when you go from getting in shape versus just maintaining.
  • Or, when you got the team helping you with a project and you just have to manage them versus doing the actual work. Let your team do what you hired them to do.

Action Steps

  • White Belt: Write in your journal where you need to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. Meaning, you have done the work and you need to just sit back and be grateful.
  • Black Belt: Do the above, but a step further. When have you actually convinced yourself to sit back and relax because “you earned it” before you actually did? Think cheat meal, or sleeping in…

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