088 – They are JUST LIKE YOU


It’s true, you know it.  Your kid will say something and you’ll either cringe or your smile from what they did or said.

Whelp, you know you’re REALLY in trouble now!

So, you can either let it slide or address it both internally (yes, first) AND externally.

You can either anchor their “learned behavior” or course correct it.

Action Steps:

  • White Belt:  Write down two examples where you can see that your child has learned from you their behavior.  Label them good or “needs corrected”.  Then write out what you ultimately would want for them to do instead.
  • Black Belt:  If they are old enough.  Fall on the sword in front of them.  Let them know you messed up and you want to change.  And that you’re hoping they will learn from your new example.
  • Black Belt:  If they are too young for that discussion.  Then I want you to take 10 minutes to look up a few things.  It can be pinterest or a blog, or even a video blog.  Look up redirecting and look up charts for positive reinforcement.  Take a look and see what can serve you!

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