093 – Fighting for Relevancy


I did a video for a group of coaching clients regarding their businesses and how it’s their job to stay relevant in the daily discussion in their marketplace.

This is actually good advice for everyone but across your life.   You need to actively work to stay relevant and an active voice in your children’s lives, your spouses’ life, your spiritual journey and even your body’s health.

Across the board, corporations are selling, celebrities are talking, politicians are working, and money is talking to us nonstop.  Billions are spent to persuade you into drinking the right colored can or driving the right car.  And people are distracted and sedated.  YOU have to fight to be on their mind.

Date your wife.  Break her free from the kids, from her phone, etc.

Date your kids.  Break them from their ipads, their friends, and their comfort zones.  Those of you with teenagers already have the hardest job ahead of them.

Listen in todays’ episode to hear more examples, but here are your actions steps.

Action Steps

  1.  Make of list of who you are deciding NOW to be relevant in their lives.
  2. How are you going to seduce them daily or weekly to see you as relevant?
  3. How are you ensuring that you stay relevant?  What are you reading or studying or listening to?

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