097 – The Critical Moment


Back in June, I never would have imagined running 13 miles.  In fact, before this July, never in my life had I run more than a 5K (3.2 miles).  Now, it’s a light run for me!   This being said.  My kids actually ran their first obstacle race this past weekend, just two weeks after I went to Seattle and finished a Spartan Beast with my good friend John.  I didn’t know it then but by training and completing this race, I truly believed it has changed the trajectory for my family.

This will impact generations.  In fact, when you think about this.  The habits, traditions, and rules you have will impact your kids and then their kids directly.  You’re literally writing down the legacy your leaving as we speak.  So, is this legacy being thoughtfully designed or left to fate/chance?

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  imagine 75 years from today.  You are dead at this time (sorry).  What are your kids and grandkids remembering about you when they speak of you?
  • Black Belt:  Take your journal and perform this exercise but get detailed.  Do it across health, wealth, spirit, and family.  Some questions to help you:
    • What does their marriage look like?
    • How do they fight/argue?
    • Financial stability?  abundance?
    • Physically fit?  Advertures or Netflix?
    • Meditating?  Going to Church?

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