098 – The Calm


I am terrible at swimming.  It’s a great workout because I spend all my energy and air trying not to drown.

What a recipe for continued failure!  (I’ll come back to this in a moment)

But I am determined, that just like running long distances that I too can tackle the water.  It may never look pretty but perhaps I can practice enough to not be such a liability in the water.

To give you a background story.  I am unable to float.  I quit swimming lessons in the fifth grade because I was taking swim lessons with the kindergartners.  They could pass by floating on their backs, I would slowly sink to the bottom, with my lungs filled to the brim with air.

So now in my 30s, I’m determined to beat this.  So to the pool I go, twice a week to swim 250-300 meters each time.

And today finally I had the revelation.

  1.  I’m not going to drown.  So stop swimming to not drown.  Swim for fun.  Relax and be in the moment.
  2. I’m not going to drown. (I had to repeat this over and over in my head actually)

It worked!  I was able for the first time ever, swim without a break from one end to the other!  I didn’t have to stop and catch my breath.  I didn’t have to stop because I inhaled water!

By slowing down, I was able to speed up.  By realizing I wasn’t going to drown, I was able to focus on the joy in the moment.

Imagine how I’m going to apply this to business?  My marriage?  My spirituality?

Action Steps

  1.  Where in your life are you “swimming not to drown”?  Meaning, working or doing to not fail?
  2. Across the areas of your life, what would be possible if you actually slowed down to speed up?

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