101 – Happiness is All Yours


I am a self-proclaimed former acceptance addict.  As a healer and health professional, it’s literally my job to help make people feel good again and I loved the attention and acceptance I gained from that.  I would love the testimonials and the gratitude shown towards me for “miracles” performed after they tried everything else.

The harder the case, the more I loved it.  And I would be myself up mercilessly on those that didn’t get the results I had hoped for.

This extended to my spouse and family for the longest time.  I was only happy and “successful” when everyone was having fun and happy.  When times were stressed with crying, fighting, or being pouty and ungrateful, then I too felt like I was a dismal failure.

Then, finally it occurred to me that this was a recipe for having a pretty miserable life!  How on earth was I supposed to keep all these people happy just for me to feel happy!  It was pure lunacy!

Action Steps

  1.  Whether it spouse, parent, or children (or even team/coworkers/friends); where have you found yourself being a people-pleaser to the point of it making you happy or sad as a result of THEIR response?
  2. Practice one scenario with that person where they can be unhappy or displeased, and you are able to keep your status quo the same.  You’re literally rubber and they’re glue!


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