104 – They mean well

Your circle is going to likely resist your change.  In fact, today i experienced that.

I was going to swim for a workout.  I called my mom on the way.

She freaked.


“Don’t swim in the deep end.  Stick to the 3 foot area:

“You’re going to drown and die.”

“You were not designed for that”

As you can imagine, in an instant, all the stories I have been trying to defeat over the last few weeks were suddenly reinforced.  I thanked her and toldher that I was going to do this and that I have been doing it.

I let her go and went to work on my mindset first.  Meditation, visualizations, and affirmations.

did it work.  Yes until I got tired.  I had those damn stories pop up.

Again, visualization and affirmation.

over and over.

and I finished.

Imagine what stories are being reinforced for you in each area of your life.  what could you do if you were able to attack them head on and move past???

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