111 – Right NOW


Like I touched on last week, I wanted to expand upon this principle of no longer waiting for “some day” or for some moment in the future to happen.

Short recap:  I was pushing my family and in my business and pushing for some imaginary finish line and saying, once I get there… then I will (relax, have fun, travel, seminars, etc.)

So here it is now, I want to stress that this needs to happen right now.  Your family, your clients, your spouse are all waiting for you to show up and start living RIGHT NOW.   It’s not too late, your life is happening right now.

So what does that even look like?   I means making a list of your PASSIONS and your GOALS.   Now, mix those into your every day life.  If you have a passion, then it is up to you to share it each and every day.  Don’t wait for some day.  It might never happen.

Listen in to see what I mean…

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