115 – Create Space this Holiday


My oldest daughter has a system.  A lifehack about finding out if it’s the REAL Santa or a FAKE Santa.  Because most of the Santas we see out in public are indeed fake and not the real Santa Claus.  This is important to her.

So allow me to share just a few details of said life hack.

  1.  The beard must be real.  Most are too white and obviously not attached or even real hair.  I mean, c’mon guys.
  2. The belly must also be real.  We can tell if it’s just stuffing and we can see it in your face.  Fat and jolly, no substitute.
  3. Nevermind that you know my name, but can you tell me the name of my house elf.

Ummmm what?  How did she even come up with that!?!

The point is, we ALL have tests and standards we use in our every day interactions – to test our safety, our interest, basically some call is a BS detector, women’s intuition, gut feelings.

NO matter what it’s called, you must honor this feeling.  Honor your barometer that you have enabled to help you out.

Ever regret NOT using this?  YOu’re not alone, but it’s perhaps time to strengthen this bond between you and your inner intuition!

In this episode I go into details about how to do so – I hope you join us!

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