116 – Keep Up


I had a work weekend where I shut myself into my office and I “beast mode” until I’m (1) all caught up, (2) finish my old projects, and (3) plan and strategize.

This approach honestly sucks.  It’s NOT a path to success.  It’s stressful having projects hanging over my head.  it’s stressful having my bookkeeping wait until I have to do it.   It’s not easy on me or my family.

I am reminded of doing a bootcamp of sorts for married business men.  It’s amazing but one of the principles they taught us was that it is far easier to keep up with the group than to stop and then play catch up.

We would hike/march up a side of a mountain.  There were scheduled stops.  But if you lagged behind the group, your break would be super short and overall, you’d have less rest.

So, dear listener, I pose to you the question.  Where in your life have you been doing this stop and go approach instead of handling things little by little each day?

Most of my clients have done this with their health.  They use and abuse their body until the HAVE to do something about it.  and then it’s expensive, painful, and lots of hard work to regain their health and strength.

Credit card debt, finances, marriages all follow this suit.  Why do we wait until the last moment to do the work?

Listen in to find out what you can easily do to fix this…

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