134 – Clutter

This damn quote triggered the hell out of me.  I have clutter in my life and it drives me crazy!   I am overweight (calorie clutter), I am often in a reactionary mindset or not prepared for all the kids and wife’s emergencies (relationship clutter), and budgeting and finances are often cluttered and disorganized.   Sure I have physical clutter, but not much.   Instead of I have clutter in my mind (and yes also junk in my back storage room too).

Here’s the quote again for anyone that missed it.  “Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.”   – Christina Scalise

So look around you.  Look at the facts.  Are you surrounded by clutter?   How about your body?   Or finances?

You can’t even pretend it doesn’t exist because it will be right there staring at you… YEP.

How are you going to fix this?    How much time can you invest in fixing this?   Or are you in a place where you’re not owning this?

Maybe it’s the kid’s fault, or your spouses?  Or you can’t physically manage it.

When you’re ready for ideas, take a listen today for a starting point.   And guess what, it all begins with YOU.

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