137 – A Reminder of Daily Habits Work

I didn’t post a podcast on Tuesday (AKA yesterday) and for some it was an interruption to your routine.  For others, you didn’t even notice.  And I understand because there is just a whole lot of noise out there.

But if you didn’t notice, why?   I’m not trying to imply that I’m all that important, but if for some reason that I made it to a spot on your routine… did you notice the disruption?  Or do you even have a routine?

My point.  Those that noticed, they are the ones that have a specifically built routine designed for one thing – expansion/improvement/success/whatever you want to call it.

No routine?  Then you’re allowing yourself to be reactive to your day and allow other people’s priorities and emergencies dictate your life.   Kids, spouse, bosses, clients, etc.

One version is empowering, the other depends on chance.  A morning ritual or free time ritual will either build you up or sedate you.  And you have one no matter what.  Your rituals could be playing on your phone or checking Facebook when you wake up.

Or it can be so much more.

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