138 – Learning How to Win

To get someone to REALLY change their life.  It all focuses on changing from the inside out.   You can try a new haircut, or winning money in the lotto or having a long lost rich uncle die, or you can have that mid-life crisis and get the new car.  But trying to change from the outside in will not work.

And to remind someone just how amazing they are and how to really start winning the game; it all begins with a single win.

Big or small.  But a win nonetheless.  In fact, I say there are no small victories, only victories.  But you have to start with a win.

Marcus Aubry (owner of Onnit and auther of “Own the Day”) talks about just winning one day.  And if you can win one day, all you have to do it repeat that over and over again.  Literally, if you can win one day, you can completely change your life.

  • Quit smoking for one day.
  • Quit porn for one day.
  • Save $5 for one day.
  • No processed or fast food for one day.
  • Workout once.

Anything you set your mind on and hopefully you pick the one thing you know you need to do and have been avoiding.  Because if you can remind yourself that you can indeed win.  You’re gonna not only win a battle, but you will win the war.

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