143 – Set Rewards and Stick to Them

I have casually mentioned this before in several other episodes but I have never highlighted it.

When you start to set targets (I like saying this versus “goal”), attach a reward to it.   Write them down along with a finish by date and post them up so you can see them every day, heck multiple times a day.

And most importantly, when you do it, celebrate with your reward.

Because, I know that you haven’t been.  Most of the time that is.  In fact, once you have achieved or won, you often downplayed your victory – claiming it to be small or no big deal.

At one time you thought it was.  But then as you tackled your daily actions towards your big target, you grew into a new person and that new person now doesn’t see it as a “big deal”.

The person you were at the bottom of the mountain is now dead and gone.  The person that climbed the mountain and is looking from the top has a totally new perspective and is now seeing bigger mountains to climb.

Which is why it’s crucial to the following to keep you from burning out and to enjoy the climb!

  1. Set a Target and why it’s important
  2. Set a Date
  3. Set a Reward
  4. Write it down and post it all over.
  5. When you win, you celebrate.  Do not cheapen your win.

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