144 – Tiger Woods

What is the lesson with Tiger and his comeback win for the Master’s?

First of all, everyone LOVES a comeback.   Sure he has haters and trolls that are spreading drama about this or the people that weren’t fans before his fall are still bagging on him.

But the majority of folks…. love that he fell and came back.

And no matter the reason for your “fall” or even what you’re actually trying to hide, people are rooting for you too.

It’s time to let go of the guilt and shame.  The energy you are wasting on your past mistakes is likely baffling.

  1.  So you can’t change the past, but you can change your emotion surrounding it.
  2. Offer the same forgiveness to yourself that you offer to others.
  3. Who could you allow yourself to become if you let go of this past story.  Meaning, is this holding you back?  If you let it go, what could you do again with your life?  Do you have any examples of how others have done this?   (there are plenty!)

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