146 – It’s always been done this way

I think these are probably some of the most dangerous words in society.

Especially medicine, parenting, education, and certainly in your own life!

These have hindered growth and development here in the States when compared to how other countries have grown and adapted.   It’s stagnated how we utilize resources for profit instead of impact on environment or health.

So, how has these shown up in your own life?   How are you stagnant in your day to day routine – just because that’s what you’ve always done.  And is it actually serving you?   I can tell you firsthand that when working with some clients, their pain has become their identity.  They have been in pain for so long that the possibility of releasing that and not having that issue actually terrifies some.  It sounds crazy because it kind of is!

I have coaching clients with these stories concerning marriage, kids, finances, their job, their social life.  And change can sound and feel terrifying!  And so we hide in our “safe routine” and we are miserable!

This is why you need a coach or an accountability buddy.  Someone that is brutally honest with you.  Thus, why spouses, friends, and family are not usually good options.  They love you, they sugar coat shit, and they don’t push you to be your best self.  Sorry but true.  In fact, most of the time the people closest to you will actually be the ones that hold you to stay the same.

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