154 – Sex, Money, & Health

This is all that apparently anyone cares about when selling something online.

This is what I have been taught anyways during my journey to understand the online world and marketing/sales with helping people through the internet. And it says that if you want people to open up your emails and buy, you attach it to Money, Sex, or Health.

You see, part of our brains are wired like wild monkeys or lizards and all sorts of neurons “go ape” when talking about this stuff. It almost induces a craving/need to satisfy if we’re currently lacking in this area – an urge to fix it.

Know this in your day to day as you scan hundreds of emails and ads and I think you will notice just how much these “problems” are pointed out to you for you to ponder and buy.

Could I use these ploys? Absolutely but I see these as just “side effects” to working with me. As we work to fix you from the inside out, the outside needs seem to magically be fixed. No need for ploys or gimmicks.

I am launching a few projects in the next 14 days. If you’re wanting in, sign up for the newsletter. I’m giving away access to launch these projects, but once they go live, I’m going to blow your mind away with content and that will have a price tag attached.

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