164 – The Price of Procrastination

I had a woman present to my clinic after a rollover accident. This had happened about 10 days prior and she hadn’t been able to work since the accident. But it was her fear of how much it was going to cost and how long it was going to take that kept her from coming in.

The fear. Not any actual data or facts. In fact, she knew it was bad and that it was likely going to take time and money to fix. And by doing nothing, it was going to fix nothing.

So instead, she waited and therefore cost her even more! More as in not working for a week and a half. More as in not feeling well and therefore likely not being the greatest spouse or mom. More as in having to put her life on hold. That’s the real cost of procrastination. Sure there is always a price, but the true cost is what is going to make or break you.

Same thing with you and your own goals and fears in life. Your weight, your lack of sex or relationships, your bank account, your retirement account. By doing nothing, you’re starting to really pay the cost of waiting and the end cost will be the end of you.

Let’s have a conversation about those costs you’re avoiding because you’re afraid of the initial price to fix it.

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