Abundance vs. Scarcity

I had a client reach out to me and wanted to vent concerning a neighboring chiropractor that she had recently spoken to.

This man is living in scarcity. Instead of only serving people he truly loves to serve (and thereby doing an awesome job because he loves it) – he is focusing on grabbing all he can. Even people that he doesn’t absolutely love serving. And when you have a scarcity mindset, this will happen to you.

She had told him that they would like to refer out some of their elderly clients to him since they were focusing on pediatrics and family care. However this doctor told her that while he was happy to accept their referrals, he would not be sending them kids and families to reciprocate and that he would be likely taking every new client that he could and just wanted to be up front.

Abundance on the other hand, you realize that there are lots of people to help and that you can do them and yourself a favor by serving only those that truly fit your focus. And it works, think of businesses that are weirdly specialized seem to always be busy even in a recession versus those that are trying to serve EVERYONE.

My lesson is this. What is your mindset? Are you on the abundance side or on the scarcity side? And did you learn this or put yourself there? And ultimately, is it working for you.

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