Ep 121: My Podcast Sucks (Part 1)


I have listening to my podcast to really try and improve. And this is important to do. In fact, just like sports teams and athletes will watch game tapes, it’s important that we do the same. It’s the fastest way to improve your performance and therefore; results.

It allows us to study ourselves without the emotion attached.

So, I listen and I wanted to puke. But it’s easy to tear yourself apart. It really is.

Changes are being made; so let’s talk about HOW I did this.

I have been tracking my performance in more and more areas of my life. It started with my health and now I’m starting to track in almost every area of my life. By tracking, we start to look at facts and bring more mindset and intention to these areas.

As a chiropractor – videotaping my exam, my consult, my adjustment, and also practicing with my staff about answer questions and educating my clients.

As a parent – talking with my wife after our kids have a tantrum and discussing how we handled things.

As a spouse – this was the hardest for me, but really asking for help with expressing feelings, talking about needs and sex, and also just making sure we keep communication open.

Working out – i videotape my planks and burpees to check form. Watching yourself in a mirror as you lift to check form. Tracking weight and reps and making sure to keep track of growth.

Eating – tracking all meals, every single thing that is put in your mouth.

Finances – all receipts, even cash, etc.

By tracking and reviewing, I am more mindful of spending and eating and more. And my actions are becoming more and more effective because I’m making less and less mistake.s

So, where are you going to start using “game tapes” or tracking?

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