Ep 125: Why you keep failing?

Isn’t it frustrating? Year after year, setting the same goals and intentions . And sometimes we have a small taste of success, but 87% of us fail our resolutions each and every year.


Because what we are stressed, we resort to old habits.

This is important to own. Because, no matter what, disaster will strike, big or small, and you will want to quit and go back to old comforts. And by knowing this, you take back your power to CHOOSE.

What is doubly hard, is that the old habits die hard! You can make those cravings fade, but they never die. You have to constantly reinforce the new. Ask any addict.

Now when we do fail, that’s when things really get Spivey. The guilt after causes us to go into full meltdown and instead of getting right back up, we feel like failures and beat ourselves up. This continues until we rally and then recommit to this game of perfection. And round and round the cycle goes.

How do we fix this? Your coach or trainer will help you see through your stories. Otherwise, two options. 1. Set your goals and then write out what your roadblocks and speed bumps will be. By taking a moment to identify how you will struggle or possibly fail, you again, take power with choice!

2. Honor the game of expansion. Realize that each and every day you are improving and that failing doesn’t mean you should stop; but to get right back to work!

Hope this helps and brings you health.

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