Ep 129 – Permission

There is no someday.  It doesn’t exist.  In fact, it’s this terrible lie that we are being sold every day of our lives.  From social media, credit cards, gyms, church, and yes even coaches and doctors like myself.

You’re being sold that some day, you’ll finally be able to… have fun, relax, play with the kids, enjoy golf, have sex, go on vacation, lose weight, and just smile about how great life is.

And it’s kind of depressing to think that this isn’t true.  But that’s only because you’re so focus on that some day that you’re forgetting you have find that today.

The purpose of your life is not to lose weight and pay bills.   And it’s not to spend your life in misery to work for someone else’s dream just to squeak by.

It’s happening right now.  And you get to choose to wake up and create that fun right now.  Right now.  And it’s not easy at first.   In fact, it’s really freaking hard to look at the chaos in the moment and see the beauty in it.  But you have to.  You have to save yourself right now.

Have fun with your kids right now.   Put the phone down.  Put the laundry down.

Have fun at work.  Because you only have one shot at this life.  Love what you do.   Both at home and at work.  Just find that joy there.  And yes, if you’re cleaning toilets, that means finding joy in being the best damn toilet cleaner you can be.  Or CEO.  Because we know that there are billionaires that hate their lives, that literally kill themselves because chasing that all mighty dollar didn’t do a damn thing for them.   Or the highest religious official or leaders that crumble from some scandal because they were chasing happiness in all the wrong places.  Or worse yet, people that sacrifice their health for their work and die and are replaced within a week.  For what?   Wake the hell up and realize that you need to start acting like a human BEING.

So this is me giving you permission.  Have fun in everything you do.  Find the ounce of joy in your work, your kids, your housework, your studies.  Because no one is going to do it for you.

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