EP 130 – The Kid Core 4

I have mentioned working with Wake Up Warrior with Garrett J White many times on my podcast, but here is an example of how I used their teachings in my life and in creating a legacy with my kids.

Each and every day, my kids are expected to invest in the following areas of their life:  Body, Being, Balance, and Business.  That’s the adult version, for them, I say:

Body, Spirit, Family, and Education.

When they accomplish it each day, they earn a reward of their choosing from a short list:  screen/tech time, treats, dates with mom or dad.

They are also working towards a long term goal of participating in a Spartan Race this Summer.

So, in this episode I interview my wife and get real feedback about how this has helped them gain confidence and momentum in their own lives.  And that’s the point, how can we purposely help our kids create momentum for their days.  So far it’s working for us and I hope it can help you too!

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