Monthly Checks

My town has a monthly tornado siren check every first Monday of the month and here I thought – if a town can make sure to run a check each and every month then I need to show people there is value in doing the same for themselves.

We already have a 30 day benchmark system in place with milestones really set up at 90 days, checking in to our targets (not goals, but targets) in our health, wealth, spirituality and family. While I’m not going to give away our whole sytem here are a few suggestions.


  • Breast self exam or testicular self exam
  • Check your range of motion for your neck, back and arms and legs.
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight

Doing all of the above will take less than 10 minutes and something easily added to your phone to remind you.

I recommend that you create your own list of things to have a monthly check on from your own life, or home, or car. By putting these in your phone, you can space out these projects and really start to see value as you catch things before they become big problems.

Message me some of you ideas – I would love to hear them and even feature a few on a future episode!

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