Sometimes You Just Need…

Honestly the (…) isn’t supposed to be there, but I’m trying to catch your attention. Because really, it is okay for you just to NEED. Hear me, you have needs and it’s okay to have them.

I don’t know how we have adopted this culture where we like to put ourselves last, perhaps it’s a parenting thing. Because we get so adept at anticipating the needs of our kids that end up putting ourselves last to provide for our kids. And then as we do this more and more, we find ourselves become a helicopter parent, or worse, a lawnmower parent.

Does this empower our kids? That’s all you have to ask yourself, but I don’t want to go on this tangent (I may have on the actual podcast btw).

So, dear listener, guard yourself and honor your needs. Fight for them and not only will you help yourself, but you will actually have more energy and life to give to others! (the whole fill your cup first thing right?)

Homework: ask for one thing. Anything – coffee, time alone, an errand, footrub. ask for one thing.

You Got This.

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