What’s At Stake

If you have a strong enough WHY you’ll figure out the HOW.

This is the basis for the first podcast and challenge for this venture and I think obviously the most crucial point.  I mean, why on earth would I spend the time, energy, and talent to provide for all of you fine folk (for free) if not to make this impact.  And because I own the fact that millions of parents need a Peptalk, you can count of this site being a much needed break each week.  Bring on the cheers or jeers because my mission is greater than my need for public approval.  

And I hope that when you listened to this episode, you thought of how your own habits will impact your kids and how they will, in turn, treat their kids, and that will impact dozens more.  When I think about “what’s at stake” for your family on whether you invest your time and focus in how you parent, work, socialize, and treat yourself… It is overwhelming to see how much and how many will be influenced by you.  REALIZE your importance.  REALIZE that no matter what; whether you accept this responsibility or not, you STILL INFLUENCE your future generations.

So, it’s time to strap in and get to work.  I hope you’re with me for this journey.

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