012 – Intention (feat. Kathy Bourque)

Special Interview with Kathy Bourque – The Power of Love & Intention

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Kathy BourqueKathy Bourque has over 20 years serving as a business owner, business manager, speaker, board director, parent, spouse, entrepreneur and probably a whole lot more that she doesn’t even think to brag about.  She is one of “those parents” that I look up to and wonder how she does it all and so she visits with me today and we talk about intention and mindset.

You will find that she really hits the ground running with this interview and gets real authentic and vulnerable right off the bat.  She discusses her own fears and doubts – something she refers to as her “imposter complex” and how she refused to become a victim of small doubting voice in the back of her head and instead took charge.

Listen in and find out the details behind her free gift to all listeners.

Like what Kathy brought to the interview?  Check her out at www.kathybourque.com for more information.


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  • I love it!!!! Kathy you changed my mind set. “How do I want my presence to be felt?” Wow!

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