065 – Done and Done

What Happened?

I messed up last episode’s recording by using the wrong microphone is sounded all crappy.  I should have taken a moment to double check things before I spilled my guts on the last podcast.

But then I had to let it all go.  Because the message was downloaded.  It was clear and I made my point.

While details mattered, I didn’t want them to stall the message.  So, done is better than perfect.

Main Points

  1. How many dreams have failed because the time wasn’t right or the conditions weren’t just right.
  2. What are you currently holding on to that could make a massive difference in your life if you could just start moving.

Action Steps

  1. White Belt: Take out a notebook and write down the one thing you know you need to launch (project, repair a relationship, etc)
  2. Black Belt:  Tell a friend/spouse/colleague about one thing your going to do within the next 48 hours.

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