Fear holds power over you.

My wife posted a video yesterday about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. It was not easy for her but she had found herself triggered by a video where two men were discussing post-partum depression and how women just needed “to get over it”.

That ignited her and she blasted her video (which had 1000 views within 6 hours) and by this morning she already had 9 women private messaging her for help.

When you can share your fear or share your pain, you help others share theirs. Silence has a way of disempowering us and keeping our secrets actually make us fell out of control and in a prison of sorts.

When my wife shared her pain, it not only freed her but freed others and in a way, allowed her to divide her pain and share (and be shared like from others).

Who knows what will come from this ultimately, but I can tell you that no matter what you’re struggling with. You are not alone and by sharing your pain, you will set yourself free.

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