046 – Mom’s Gone (oh no)

My wife has been gone a lot lately to Boulder, CO to learn how to teach yoga.  Super proud of her but that also means the Fanning family was having to cope without our normal routine and that Dad had to step it up.

  1.  My wife must not be of this Earth, nor human, or has a twin.
  2. I did my best.
  3. My children are likely scarred.

All joking aside it actually went well and my big takeaway was making sure that I didn’t coast once mom got back.  What I mean, is that, if I am capable of working that hard towards balance between myself, work, and family when she is gone, what can I accomplish when she is home!  Listen in for more of my lessons during Mr. Mom time.

One Response to “046 – Mom’s Gone (oh no)

  • Stephanie
    7 years ago

    Love this! Thank you! Sometimes the “primary care giver” be in mom or dad has to learn to let go and let the other parent take some stuff over!