053 – Schedule Your Success

I was setting goals and targets for 2018 and looking at all I wanted to accomplish and instead of just stating what I wanted to get done – I took it an extra step.

I made it a commitment instead of just showing interest.

Instead of just saying I was going to get healthier and lose weight, I paid and scheduled a Spartan Race Trifecta over the course of the year.

See the Difference?

A declaration is great and a really great start; but showing commitment by telling others, scheduling the event, or whatever it takes to “burn the ships” and get the work done.

How can you apply this to your marriage?  Perhaps it’s finding a sitter for every week and paying them whether you use them or not.  Or committing with another couple to trade kids every other week for date night.  It doesn’t have to be expensive!

Check out this episode for ideas on balance and business as well.

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Til Next Time,

Dr. Nick

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