You Can’t HATE Yourself to a Win.

  • You can’t hate yourself skinny
  • You can’t hate someone else to make you more holy
  • You can’t hate on yourself to make yourself better
  • You can’t hate or be angry to your kids or wife to make them “love you right”
  • You can’t hate your team of coworkers to make more money or make the process smoother.

Using anger or hate or getting loud will only make it FEEL like things are improving for a short term, but will NEVER make a long term positive change.

But we love to hate on ourselves for both present and past (sometimes decades in the past) because it’s easy and it seems like such an immediate change, but it won’t ever last long.

Trying to be perfect will lead to failure, which then leads to you hating on yourself until you can try it all over again. “I will get it this time. This time is different!”

Except it’s not. Not until you change your approach.

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