033 – Body Language and Posture

Most of communication is non-verbal.  We express ourselves without even knowing it through our posture, facial and bodily expressions and other cues.  So, what are you expressing?  Are you choosing consciously or letting whatever happen?

Vital Point #1:

  • You can choose!
  • If you’re sad, try smiling for five minutes.  It will “fool” your brain into a good mood.

Vital Point #2:

  • Posture not only effects communication with others, but will shape your brain’s perception of reality.
  • It also effects physiological functions such as breathing and heart function.  (Journal of Manipulative Therapy).

Action Step:

  • Work on your posture by standing against a wall.  Your head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels should all touch easily.
  • Work with a chiropractor to help you.

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