061 – Hourly Rate

Why this is Important

Here’s a instant leap in mindset for you.  For ease of example, let’s say you’re paid $12/hour.

  • Are you paid $12 per hour?  OR
  • Are you trading one hour of your life for $12?

Well obviously the answer is both but PERSPECTIVE changes everything!

Key Points

  1. Chasing the allmighty dollar is distracting.  Take time to make sure you’re trading the hours of your life for something meaningful.
  2. Organize your life based on value.  Meaning, focus on only high value jobs and tasks and delegate the rest.
    1. For Example:  If I am making $100 an hour, then I should gladly pay someone $75/week to clean my house.
  3. A Stop Doing List is the easiest way to free up your time and energy for only high value activities.  Like trading mowing the lawn so you have more family time.

Action Step

  1.  Create a stop doing list.  Even if it’s only two things.
  2. Sign up for the “ONE PERCENT CLUB” where I am dedicated to helping you improve your life 1% every single day.  Here is the link for signing up (I won’t ever sell your information BTW).

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