062 – ONE Percent

Why You Should Listen

I have eluded to this in the past that small changes consistently done can make some massive shifts and changes.  So, I’m asking you for only 10minutes a day to improve you day by 1%.

Why only 1%?

  • 1% is not overwhelming
  • 1% is easy to commit to doing
  • 1% is not time intensive or expensive

But 1% each and every day – LIFE CHANGING

Action Step

Answer the following question (and if you like this train of thought, check out Nathaniel Branden’s books)

  • If I were 1% more _____________, what would that look like?
    • White Belt:  sit and think about this.
    • Yellow Belt:  Talk to your spouse or best friend about this
    • Brown Belt:  Post your response in the comment below on on the Facebook page
    • Black Belt:  Post this on your personal social media page.

The harder you push yourself, the faster and more complete your growth.


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