067 – It’s Not Sexy

There is NOTHING exciting or sexy about doing the work here.  It’s slow and steady.  There will be very little BIG HUGE wins as we move from point A to point B.  It’s called the daily grind.  And to course correct a HUGE tanker of a ship called your life, it’s going to take consistency.

We love to glorify the “overnight” successes – the instant wins that we see all over social media.  But we’re comparing our normal lives to someone else’s highlight year, so screw that!

Each day, 1%.  That’s it.  And we’re gonna win the game that way.

I would totally take a 1% win everyday rather than a 10% win once a month.  or even twice a month.

So, remove the idea that this is your latest shiny object!  But we are gonna be there for each other along the way.

Action Steps

  • White Belt:  In your journal, write out examples of how you got distracted by the “next thing” or the shiny object.  Why are you going to stay consistent instead?
  • Black Belt:  As you run from point A to point B, what are possible roadblock/speedbumps?  A good way of looking at this is looking at yourself a year ago and finding out what got in your way to having your goals met today.  After you look at possible distractions/road blocks.  How are you going to manage if they happen again, what is going to be your action step to break through.

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